Product Care For Our Apparel

We suggest the following guidelines for SR by Sonali Raman’s apparel to ensure their longevity and allow you to enjoy many more wears.

Wash and care for handwoven cotton and other natural fibers:

Fabric Care and washing Instructions are included on the care labels on all our garments. We suggest you read and follow them carefully. In case of any doubt or confusion, please write to us at XXXXXXXXXXX.

Ironing Guideline For Our Apparell

Aside from dressing smart, ironed clothes are a meaningful part of one’s complete appearance and presentation. Ironing clothes not only results in clothes looking better but also helps keep them fresh. Properly ironed clothes pull a look together, which is essential to maintaining clothes. Ironing won’t only help keep clothes wrinkle-free, but when done right, it helps increase the lifespan of clothing, making them last longer while preserving the original quality.

However, ironing is a skill that comes with a specific technique to correctly iron particular fabrics in order not to ruin them.

Firstly, knowing the fabric is critical, along with what setting to use for that particular fabric. With every piece of clothing and fabric, the heat required varies to suit the material based on factors such as durability and heat resistance.

Please follow the ironing guidelines provided on the care label of your garment.

While ironing a garment is relatively simple, we recommend investing in a multi-functional iron with notations of fabric settings and an additional water spray to achieve the best-ironed finish for all your garments.

Product Care For Our Jewelry

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